We Production Environment Material Hanger -Paper Hanger


new material paper Hanger is very environment ,recyclable suitable develop mission

Clothes hangers are staples in everyone's homes, but these hangers are slightly different as they are made entirely of recycled paper. It doesn't sound very heavy-duty, but it has been proven to be sturdy enough for any commercial or residential needs.

These recycled paper hangers have many more benefits than just being eco-friendly. They are in-expensive, space-saving and fashionable. Their unique shape, design and color sets them apart from your regular plastic or wooden hangers. Currently, they also sell for much less than the alternatives in stores. And since they are recycled paper hangers, they are actually much thinner than hangers made with other materials. So if you're someone craving for more closet space, these can definitely help you fit more items in.

on the paper hanger you can print any your like color ,logo ,pictures .

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