Dragon Boat Festival


on the Dragon Boat Festival ,Organize staff to make zongzi, everyone is happy

The fifth day of the fifth lunar month, commonly known as "Dragon Boat Festival"."Five" and "wu" through, "five" is a Yang number, so the Dragon Boat Festival is also known as duanwu, chongwu, duanyang, zhongtian, it is the traditional festival of the han Chinese people.This day's essential activities gradually evolved into: eating zongzi, dragon boat racing, hanging calamus, mugwort leaves, smoked atractylodes, angelica dahurica, drinking realgar wine.It is said that eating zongzi and dragon boat racing, is to commemorate qu yuan, so after the liberation of the Dragon Boat Festival was named "poet festival", in memory of qu yuan.As for hanging calamus and mugwort leaves, smoking atractylodes and angelica dahurica, and drinking realgar wine, it is said that it is to suppress evil spirits.

A very popular dish during the Dragon Boat Festival is zongzi. Zongzi means rice dumplings with meat, peanuts, customs and other materials wrapped in bamboo leaves.While the tradition of zongzi is due to the custom of the side of the fish, will be about tomb-sweeping day article into the river to appease the river dragon, hope their teacher's day message will eat qu yuan.

Zongzi is the Dragon Boat Festival festival customs, customs around the Chinese, whether it is local, China, customs, Hong Kong, and overseas Chinatown, will according to tradition, in the lunar calendar before the fifth day of the fifth month to prepare all kinds of zongzi should be festival.

Different regions, from materials to zongleaves, have a great habit, even the "wrapped" shape, also has a great difference, for example, in the early days of the popular ox horn worship, so the han and jin dynasty dumplings, made of horn, as one of the cultural connotations of the Spring Festival ancestor worship.In addition, the general is Dragon Boat Festival, is quadrangle, pointed triangle, square, long and other shapes.

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