Trade War Between China and American


Chinese anchor Liu Xin discusses about "trade war" with her American counterpart Trish Regan

About one week ago, Liu Xin from CGTN (China Global Television Network) posted a vedio online, criticized Trish Regan from Fox Business who gave some controvercial opinions about trade war in her prime time show.

When Trish saw the vedio, she invited Xin to have an honest debate in her show and promised it will not be a "mud sling" game.

In the show aired on 30th May, the two journalists discussed about the trade war on live, but it's far from a "debate" the public expected.



The "debate" started with somewhat testy exchange. Trish introduced Xin as presenter for Chinese Communist Party; while Xin said, "This is on record, I am not a member of CCP."

The conversation continued on cordial terms after that, turning to issues of the trade negotiations (“I don’t have any insider information,” Liu said), intellectual property, tariffs, "state capitalism"and technology transfer.

Perhaps the most interesting part is Liu Xin admited in the show that some Chinese companies did steal IP from US companies. In China's report, this part is usually cut. But we believe her attitude helps with communication with global audience. "there are also American companies steal IP from Americans, they sue each other all the time. But you can't say Americans are stealing or Chinese are stealing."



This show caught attention of millions in China, but doesn't have any profound affect on the trade negotiation. Trish ended the discussion by saying "no one really wants a trade war." and Xin invited Trish to visit China.

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