Why wood cracks


Hanger cracking is an extremely bad experience for many customers and manufacturers. Solid wood coat racks cracking as a natural characteristic is inevitable, even the valuable rosewood furniture, on display in the Forbidden City will also have cracking phenomenon, the same need to repair.

Why wood cracks

Why is it cracking?

There is no such thing as the lightest hanger

1、Wood anisotropy

This is an inherent property of wood as a natural material, which causes it to shrink to varying degrees in different directions and in response to changes in external conditions, which in turn can lead to phenomena such as cracking.

2、moisture content of wood

The moisture content of wood is closely related to the cracking of hangers. Especially after the summer heat and humidity as well as the alternating seasons of summer and fall and the climatic differences between the north and the south, etc., will lead to sharp changes in the moisture content of solid wood hangers, thus triggering the cracking of the wood.

3、Used in the wrong way

Placing it against a window causes it to endure exposure to the sun; using it carelessly when hanging clothes, often bumping against the drying rack;

 only a lighter one.

Solid wood hangers deformation and cracking, as the saying goes: "not split, not called solid wood", it is clear that solid wood hangers cracking and deformation is very common. Solid wood hangers must have a certain probability of self-destruction, which is an ironclad fact.

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