What if the hanger can't hold the clothes? 4 kinds of non-slip methods to help you get rid of the trouble


Have you ever encountered any of the following situations.

When you hang up your clothes, you hang them up, and then they fall onto the ground after a while.

You hung up the clothes neatly, but somehow the clothes became deformed.

Maybe you are wondering if there is something wrong with the clothes.

In fact, it's just that your hanger is not selected properly. In this case, we should choose a hanger with non-slip shoulders.

So what are the anti-slip techniques on the hanger shoulders, let's get to learn~

Non-slip stickers

It is one of the common techniques for wooden hangers to be used for anti-slip. Generally, it is made of silica gel, with tooth-like convex surfaces, which are attached to the two shoulders of the hanger to achieve anti-slip effect, and grooves can also be designed on the shoulders. Insert the non-slip stickers, level with the shoulders of the hanger.


Grooves or Notches

        It is also a very common to make grooves on wooden hangers. The shapes of the grooves are V-shaped, U-shaped, etc., which are suitable for the display of clothing with straps.



        Glue the shoulders of the wooden hangers, stick the fluff evenly to the shoulders of the hangers, and increase the friction between the hangers and the garments. The length of flocking could be customized based on need.



        This process is very common in iron hangers. After the iron hangers are finished, they are dipped in plastic to play a very good anti-slip effect. But this process will stick to hair after a long time.


It is still necessary for clothing stores to choose a hanger with non-slip technique, which can better display clothes.

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