The evolution and development of hanger history


Hanger is a kind of furniture that appeared earlier in our country. In ancient times, people used to hang clothes directly on the wire for drying. Because ancient people wore robes to the ground, they were placed on the thread directly. Hangers are bedroom furniture. Take off your clothes and put them on. The hanger is also made relatively high so that the clothes will not hang down.

hanger history

In ancient times, the nobles attached great importance to the clothes, and the shelves for hanging clothes appeared earlier. Coat hanger is also a kind of furniture that appears in our country at first. The clothes hangers in different dynasties have different forms and names.

palace hanger

In the spring and Autumn period, the wooden pole used for hanging clothes was called "truss", also called "wooden construction".

 cloth hanger

The overall shape of hanger in Ming Dynasty still keeps the traditional pattern, but the materials, production and decoration are particularly refined. The lower end of the coat hanger is made of two wooden piers with embossed lines inside and outside. The piers are planted with columns, and the front and back two carved curly grass flowers stand against the clamps. The upper part and the lower part of the stand tooth are connected with the column and the pedestal pier by tenon, and the two piers are installed with lattice which are stored with small pieces of wood. Because the lattice has a certain width, shoes and other things can be placed. At the lower side of the joint between each cross member and the column, there are carved knuckles and zigzag flower tooth supports. Hanger from the selection of materials, design, sculpture and production, in the Ming Dynasty have reached a very high level of art.

hanger history

In the Qing Dynasty, clothes racks were also known as "court clothes racks", which were mainly used to hang men's official clothes. Therefore, all the main beams of clothes racks were like two dragons lying on their backs, proudly lying there, symbolizing the prosperity of officials. The rest, such as "Fu", "Lu", "Shou" and various decorative decorations, further emphasized their values.

palace hanger

The coat hanger used today was invented by a worker named Albert Parker House. At that time, he was a blacksmith who made lampshades in a small wire and handicraft company in Michigan. One day, he was angry to find that all the clothes hooks in the factory's cloakroom had been occupied. He angrily took out a piece of lead wire, bent it into the shape of the shoulder of the coat and added hooks on it. This invention is owned and patented by his boss, which is the origin of hanger.

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