Hillhouse, IDG, Matrix Pouring into the Apparel Industry


Hillhouse, IDG Capital and Matrix are pouring into the apparel industry. Side industry will benefit from this trend.

The rebooming of the apparel industry has attracted Hillhouse Ventures, IDG, Matrix China and other institutions to enter the market. Institutional analysis pointed out that the scale of China's apparel market reached 2 trillion yuan, but it was large but not strong. Under the new economic development trend, the big upgrade of the industry dominated by the new generation of demand changes and the improvement of supply-side efficiency is giving birth to big investment opportunities that belong to the globalization of Chinese brands.

Side industry of apparels will also benefit from the trend. Guilin DADI Arts & Crafts recently received a lot of inquiries and orders for hanger production, which reflects its rebooming to some extent.

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